5 easy ways to slash your weekly food budget

Food might be one of life’s greatest joys (for us, at least!). But it’s also one of life’s greatest expenses.

If you’re looking to slash the bottom line on your weekly food budget, you’ve come to the right place with these easy hacks. Read on!


It may seem like a no brainer, but sometimes the easiest methods are the most overlooked. Fact is, taking a moment to loosely plan out a week of meals and make a shopping list will save you from buying extra food you don’t need or won’t eat. 

Be realistic about what else you have on (are you actually going to be out 4 nights out of 7?) and when you’ll be able to dedicate time to cooking. Think about including a mix of quick and easy meals alongside some more time-intensive recipe options. Taking a pre-written list and actually sticking to it will also help with impulse buying that $20 cheese. 

But the best laid plans make room for a little flexibility in case things are out of stock or particularly pricey in a given week. Be on the lookout for cheaper alternatives you can sub into a meal.


Shop with the seasons

Seasonal fruit and veg not only tends to taste better, they’re also generally less expensive. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. 

Having a basic idea about what’s growing and what’s being harvested as the weather changes can pay dividends at the grocer. Also look out for special buys and imperfect pics to save more $$.

Raid the frozen food aisle

Frozen fruit and veg can be a game changer for those looking to eat healthily on a budget. They last a whole heap longer than fresh (see ya, rotting zucchinis in the back of the crisper!) and can be thrown into all sorts of recipes to bulk them out.

Watch out for frozen food aisle specials and stock up on your favourites.

Love your leftovers

Food waste is a major social and environmental issue. But it can also be a huge financial burden. If you’re able to eat everything you buy and cook, you’re doing good for your wallet and your planet at the same time. 

This is why we reckon leftovers should be your best friend. Think about how you can package up leftover parts of a meal into other meals later in the week, or just make extra of everything and portion out for future lunches and dinners.

We also love scheduling in one ‘fridge clean out’ meal a week, where you can use up any ingredients that might be almost past their prime. Stir-fries or soups work great here. 

Another tactic that works for some families is an ‘eat me now’ box front and centre in the fridge or pantry, to avoid above mentioned back-of-the-crisper zucchini surprises.


Buy in bulk 

It’s pretty true with most foods that the more you buy, the cheaper it will be. But there’s a caveat here, people! Only buy what you know you and your family eat a lot of in bulk. 

There’s no use saving on that 10 kg bag of chickpeas if you’re more of a lentil person. Be realistic about the space you have and how long it will take you to eat a bulk item before committing.