Regain Your Resolution Momentum: A Guide to a Sugar Free Diet

We all feel like the calendar just flipped to a new year, right?! How we’ve merely blinked and we’re already staring at March is a mystery to us!

How are your New Year Resolutions going? Have they turned into half-hearted promises to wake up at dawn tomorrow? Deliberations on whether you should brush the dust off those gym shoes? Or, most commonly, the dreaded reluctance to drop the sweet stuff… Sugar?!

Some of us look to dropping sugar in order to combat health woes, others will do it to simply feel better. Either way, making a change can be challenging. Fear not; we’re here with expert-led tips to help you get your sugar-free resolutions back on track, leading you towards a healthier, happier, better you.

Why say buh-bye to sugar?

Before we dive into our resolutions, let’s explain why taming our sugar intake is a smart move. Solaine Douglas, Clinical Nutritionist, and passionate sugar-free foodie says, “When we eat too much sugar it causes big spikes in glucose (blood sugar) levels, in the short term this can affect things like our moods, concentration, energy and hunger levels”. She continues, “Overtime, too much sugar can lead to more long-term consequences like weight gain, insulin resistance, reduced immune function, increased inflammation and increased risk of most chronic lifestyle diseases”.


how to say buh-bye?

  1. Mindful Label Reading: The great thing about sugar in your food, is that most of the time, they’re staring you in the face! A simple way to start your sugar free diet journey is by checking the nutritional information on the back of packaged foods. Look for hidden sugars under various names like high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, or maltose!

  2. Swap It Out: The dream of reducing sugar without sacrificing taste is a reality! Swap out traditional sugar with a natural sugar substitute like Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweetener range. Our range of natural sweeteners are a 1:1 sugar replacement, meaning you can easily enjoy your favourite recipes with less sugar!

  3. Wholesome Homemade Meals: Resolve to cook more at home, where you have control over what goes into your dishes. “As a Nutritionist, the biggest difference I notice are in the details like portion size, food quality, sauces, seasonings, and cooking oils. When you cook at home you get to control all the variables” says Solaine. “Of course, this doesn't mean that you should never eat out, I encourage my clients to follow the 80/20 rule or similar!”.

  4. Hydration Hero: Sometimes, our sugar cravings are signals from our bodies that we’re actually thirsty. Make it a goal to stay hydrated throughout the day (2LTRS daily!), and you might find those sweet cravings become less frequent!

the sweet rewards 

Here at Lakanto, we believe that reducing your sugar intake should never mean you have to sacrifice flavour. Enjoy natural sweetness, like fresh fruits, nuts, and spices to add exciting flavours to your meals without the need for a heavy sprinkle of the sweet stuff!

Solaine suggests that your sweeter recipes contain a combination of protein, healthy fats and fibre to reduce the speed at which glucose is absorbed through the digestive wall and to find a healthier alternative you love. “Lakanto is a great option for sweet treats as it's made from Monk Fruit Extract and Erythritol that don't cause the same spike in your blood glucose like regular sugar” adds Solaine. “Creating a sweet treat with Lakanto, a little protein, healthy fat and fibre is the winning combination for sweetness without the sugar spike!”.


make your sugar-free resolutions stick

Remember, your sugar-free journey is all about progress, not perfection. The aim is for small, sustainable changes that lead to big results over time! So, as you embark on resetting your sugar-free resolutions for the year or scratching them and starting with new goals, keep in mind the benefits of living healthier, of eating fresh foods and, for everything else, there’s Lakanto!

With Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweetener and other sugar-free products in your pantry, creating delicious sugar-free recipes becomes second nature. So, why not start your sugar free diet today? Sign up here to join our email list and get healthy, delicious, responsibly sweet recipes right to your inbox! Your future self will thank you.

Cheers to a healthier, happier you!

Image: Solaine Douglas, Clinical Nutritionist.