Easy ways to get more movement into your day  - Lakanto Australia

 The bad news first. Turns out so-called “sedentary behaviour” (that is, sitting and lying down for long periods of time) is just as bad as “physical inactivity” (that is, not getting enough actual exercise) when it comes our heath.

Worse still, you can do enough physical activity, and STILL be considered sedentary if you spend a lot of time sitting (like at your desk) or lying down (like on the couch). Sedentary behaviour increases our risk of whole host of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression.

The good news? There are plenty of easy ways to reduce sedentary behaviour and combat the negative impacts of not moving your body. Here are some easy movement ideas to incorporate into your day.

Take the stairs: wherever possible, ditch the elevator or escalator and choose the good ol’ fashioned stairs instead.

Schedule a walking meeting: best for meetings of two or three, walking and talking gets you moving and can help generate new ideas. (It’s more covid-friendly, too!) 

Jump off the bus a stop or two early: and walk the rest of the way to anywhere you need to go. You can also park the car further from the office, which might save you $$ to boot!

Stretch in front of the TV: Ditch your inner couch potato and make TV time a more nourishing event. 

Get outside at lunchtime: desk lunches be gone! Eating your lunch in a local green space gets you moving AND gives you the added bonus of catching some daytime rays, which can be beneficial for your sleep cycle and vitamin D levels. 

Set up a standing desk: you can ask your boss to hook you up or make your own with stacks of books or folders. 

Set a movement alarm: on your phone every hour or so, to remind yourself to do a lap of the house or office. 

Drink lots of water: you’ll stay hydrated and increase your need for bathroom breaks!