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Stop sweet cravings in their tracks

If you’ve been trying to cut down your sugar intake, but you’ve grown partial to the not-so-occasional sweet hit, you’ll know the cravings can be REAL! 

We’ve been there, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that may help you kick those cravings to the curb. Read on!

Question that craving

Are you reaching for the cookie jar simply because you’re bored? Or stressed? Or restless? 

When the sweet cravings call, take a moment to check in with yourself and ask what’s really driving them.

Do you actually just need a walk around the block to clear your head, or 5 minutes of mindful meditation, or to connect with a friend to talk something out? Questioning your cravings might lead to some surprising answers!

Drink some water 

You’ll be surprised by how often we mistake hunger for thirst. Keeping hydrated by drinking good old water regularly helps our body keep everything in balance, which can help keep random cravings at bay.  

Or try a herbal tea 

Want something a little funnier than water? Herbal teas do double duty by keeping us hydrated and offering a little natural sweetness. Try liquorice, cinnamon, chamomile, or Rooibos for a sweet hit without the sugar. 

Making your cuppa a bit of a mindful ritual can also help you take a moment to stop and reset. Take five minutes to breathe deep and check in while the kettle boils and the tea brews. 

Fresh fruit is your friend 

While dried fruit is all sugar and fibre (and no water), and fruit juice is all sugar and water (and no fibre), fresh fruit has it all in perfect balance, so you’re not likely to overindulge.

A couple of pieces of fresh fruit each day makes for a nutritious (and delicious!) snack or dessert option. 

Fat (in moderation) is also your friend

No, we’re not encouraging you to go out and grab a Krispy Kreme. We’re talking healthy high-fat foods here – think a handful of nuts or seeds, half an avo dressed in vinegar, a cup of Greek yoghurt or a couple of squares of dark chocolate. 

High-fat, low-sugar snacks (in moderation) release energy more slowly and tend to keep you full and satisfied for longer. 

Indulge the healthier way 

Keeping ourselves beholden to unrealistically high eating standards all the time can often do more harm than good. 

We need to leave room in our diets and our lives for the occasional indulgence (key word here is occasional) so we can keep motivated to stay on a healthy eating path.  

Luckily with Lakanto, we can have our cake and eat it, too!  Lakanto is a natural monkfruit sweetener with 93% less calories that normal sugar, and can be subbed in to all your favourite sweet recipes (we’ve got a stack for you to try here).