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The Healthy(er) Guide to Takeaway

We get it: sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking (especially if you’re stuck at home 24/7)!

While we’d always recommend a homecooked meal for the good of your health, your waistline, and the planet, if you do need to fall back on the ol’ takeaway safety net, there are some healthier ways of going about it. 

Here’s our 101 guide to making better takeout choices. 

Consider cuisine

Pretty much every takeaway cuisine has more and less nutritious options. Rather than feasting it up at the fried food section, opt for choices that are relatively lower in saturated fat and salt. Some better-for-you takeaway meals include:

  • Sushi or sashimi with a Japanese salad
  • Vietnamese rolls or veggie-topped pho
  • Mexican bowls with all the beans and veg 
  • Thai stir-fry with extra veggies and a lean meat or tofu and brown rice
  • Smaller gourmet pizzas with veggies and lean meats (no, not ham or salami)
  • Small sized pasta with tomato-based sauce and a side of veggies
  • A burger with serious side salad (hold the fried chips) 
  • A veggie packed Indian curry (tomato based is better)

Be careful with the cook 

You’re in safer territory health-wise when you opt for menu items that are steamed, grilled, braised, baked, or poached over those that are battered, fried, or crumbed. 

Select healthier sides

When contemplating a meal deal, swap out your fried chippies (super high in saturated fat and salt) for salads or grilled or steamed veggies. Go the wholegrain bread roll or brown rice over white, and fresh fruit or natural yoghurt over any processed, packaged dessert options. We’d also steer clear of sugary soft drinks and opt for sparkling water (or, you know, just plain water).

Say no to upsizing

Do you really need that extra-large serve for an extra 50 cents? Keep the serving sizes on the smaller side, so you’re less likely to overindulge. 

Think about meal prep 

If it’s simply a lack of time that has you reaching for the takeaway menu on more nights that you’d like, consider setting aside a bit of time on the weekend to cook up some quick healthy home options to have in the fridge throughout the week. That way, takeaway food can remain what it was meant to be: a treat.

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