What's New? Improved Taste Low Carb Protein Pancake Mix

TASTE MATTERS! Everyone loved the nutritional benefits of our previous pancake mix, but not always the taste. So, we have created a earthy, nutty wholesome flavour profile to improve the TASTE without making too many other changes.

How did we improve our Pancake Mix?

Firstly, not everyone liked the chickpea flour level, so we introduced our star ingredient: Australian Sprouted Red Lentil Flour. Proudly produced by local South Australian farmers, who passionately grow, sprout, and mill grains to create highly nutritious flours. This ancient art of sprouting significantly enhances the nutritional profile of the flour.

Secondly, we reduced the amount of chickpea flour and completely removed the flax meal. As we have exceptionally keen ears and we heard your amusing comparison of flax meal to little weevils, and that is something you do not want to find in your pancakes!

Our new recipe when carefully crafted with our other thoughtfully selected ingredients, creates pancakes that are not only delicious and nutritious but also possess a delightful texture and eating experience that is nutrient dense.

For the label readers, we're keeping these 98% sugar free, low carb, protein, source of fibre, gluten free, dairy and nut free!

Why we listened to your feedback on the current Pancake mix with chickpea flour & flax meal, and made these amazing changes? 

TASTE! Let's be honest, while the exceptional nutritional benefits of consuming our Lakanto pancake mix are undoubtedly appealing, a satisfying taste experience is also important. These changes have resulted in gluten free pancakes with a soft, earthy, and nutty flavour.

What ingredient changes did we make?

We have significantly reduced the chickpea flour, egg white powder and removed the flax meal.

The result

The new combination using Australian red lentil flour as our hero ingredient is a game changer. Along with our proprietary monkfruit sweetener that keeps these 98% sugar-free. The result is our NEW IMPROVED TASTE pancake mix, and we are super impressed with it.

But do not just take our word for it. Taste it for yourself!

We also understand that an increase in price may not be the most appealing aspect for some of you. We had maintained pre-COVID pricing in the market for a few years, but unfortunately, a price adjustment has become necessary. However, if you happen to be dissatisfied with the taste of our new recipe pancakes, please reach out to our Customer Service team. We are committed to providing a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the taste.*

Our NEW IMPROVED TASTE pancake mix is available online now.

*T&C’s: Please note that in order to process any money back guarantees, we require proof of purchase receipt. Refunds will be provided as store credit, which can be redeemed at our online store, www.lakanto.com.au.