Eating healthy on-the-go

When given a choice, we’d always opt to sit down and enjoy a full, home-cooked meal – it’s just a more mindful, enjoyable way to eat!

But sometimes, you just can’t avoid having to eat on-the-go. Life is busy and errands can make us hangry. So, what are the healthy options for eating on the run? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plan ahead 

Those scouts had a point when they said we should always be prepared! If you know you’ve got a busy day coming up, take 2 minutes in the morning to sort a couple of healthy snacks you can take with you. 

A piece of fresh fruit, a small container full of nuts, some carrot sticks or a few slices of cheese can be chucked in a bag to curb any cravings that come your way throughout the day.

Listen to your body 

Don’t wait until you’re so ravenous you could eat your own arm – that’s when you’re likely to order the large chips with a side of donut as a quick snack.

If you feel yourself getting hungry, take a moment to intuit what you need and take care of the cravings before they get out of control. Hint: we often mistake thirst for hunger, when’s the last time you had a glass of water?

Try a smoothie 

Smoothies are a great meal-on-the-go option. You can pack them with veggies, fruits, your favourite milk, and a tablespoon of nut butter, and pour into a reusable bottle or cup before you leave the house. 

This healthy blend of carbs and fats will give your body the nutrition it needs and keep you satisfied for longer. 

Pass on the ultra-processed

If you’re in need of a snack and you haven’t come prepared with anything from home, you might need to duck into a convenience store, supermarket, or petrol station.

When this happens, avoid the ultra-processed stuff in the bright packaging and seek out something that resembles wholefood. Fresh fruit and veggies, natural / Greek yoghurt pots, cheese or nuts are good options here too.

If packaged is your only option, it can help to have a basic handle on how to read food labels, so you can decipher exactly what’s in it.

Tackling takeaways

We reckon takeaway should be a last resort when eating on the go. But if you do need to fall back on this safety net, there are some healthier ways of going about it.

We recommend steering clear of fried or battered options, selecting healthier sides, saying no to upsizing and considering healthier cuisines.  Read our full guide to healthy(er) takeaway here.