Added sugar-free Easter treats
by Lakanto Australia

It’s little secret one of the best things about easter is the treats. Unfortunately, many of our traditional Easter recipes (we’re looking at you, Hot Cross Buns and Choccy Eggs) come packed with a hopping mad amount of sugar. 

That's why we’ve been hard at work creating irresistible Easter recipes that taste just like the real deal, but won’t leave you and the kids bouncing off the walls. 

Check them out below!

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No Added Sugar Hot Cross Buns

Melt in your mouth softness with just the right amount of spice. These hot cross buns are everything a good hot cross bun should be, but with no added sugar in sight! Not a fan of sultanas? Sub in some dark chocolate chunks for extra decadence.

Easter Chocolate Bon-Bons

Choc bon-bon indulgence without the sugar hit. These babies come packed with oats, nuts and seeds drizzled with a healthy amount of sugar-free dark chocolate, for a slower energy release that will keep you satisfied for longer.

No Added Sugar Easter Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot cupcakes even the Easter Bunny would go mad for! Lightly spiced with cinnamon and pecan and topped with a tart cream cheese icing, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser come Easter Sunday.

Easter Triple Choc Pinwheels

These might look like only an experienced chef could pull them off, but they are actually super easy (and super delicious!). Get the kids involved in rolling up each pinwheel and bake to your preferred level of crunch.


Easter Cookies

Another totally customisable Easter recipe that you can get the kids involved in, without the risk of a sugar high. The base recipe is a masterclass in crunchy, chewy cookie perfection.

Combine as many Easter-inspired inclusions as you like: think low-sugar chocolate eggs, your favourite nuts and/or dried fruit pieces, or even some edible flowers… you’re only limited by your imagination!