Chocolate Bark – Lakanto Australia
by Lakanto Australia

A quick and easy recipe that's fail-proof, fun and wickedly indulgent!

1 cup cocoa butter
½ cup virgin coconut oil
½ cup cacao powder
¼ cup Lakanto Monkfruit Classic Sweetener (ground to a powder)
pinch of salt

Inclusions of choice: e.g. freeze dried strawberries, nuts, choc chips, dried fruit.

1. Melt all the ingredients for the chocolate in a small pot over a low heat until fully melted.
2. Then remove from the heat and stir until the mixture starts to cool.
3. Once the chocolate starts to thicken as it cools line a baking sheet with non stick paper and pour the chocolate over it. Scatter inclusions on top. 
4. Place in the freezer to set before breaking into pieces.
5. Keep refrigerated or frozen.