Coconut Panna Cotta with Stewed Peaches
by Lakanto Australia

An impressive looking dessert made with minimal ingredients and simple steps! This impressive treat with no added sugar, is ideal for serving at a dinner party, yet healthy enough for a morning treat as well! 

Prep Time:

15 minutes + 4 hours resting time

Cook Time:

5 minutes


4 (285g serve)

Difficulty Level

easy - medium 


Stewed Peaches


  1. Add the water to a small bowl and stir in the gelatin powder. Allow to sit for 5 minutes to firm up.
  2. Place the coconut milk into a medium saucepan with the vanilla and Lakanto Classic Monkfruit Sweetener.
  3. Place over medium heat. Once warm remove from the heat and add in the water/gelatin mixture. Stir through until dissolved.
  4. Pour into a large dish, or 4 individual ramekins. Place into the fridge for at least 4 hours, or until set.

  5. Just before serving, add the peaches, cloves, Lakanto Golden Malt Flavoured Syrup and the water into a large frying pan.

  6. Simmer over low-medium heat until the peaches are tender. Pick out the whole cloves and discard.

  7. Serve the Coconut Panna Cotta with the stewed peaches on top. Drizzle over any syrup from the pan left over.


  • Try to find grass-fed beef gelatin. Some gelatin has been processed so it doesn’t “gel” up when mixed with liquids, so be sure to check the label.


Credit:  Recipe + Styling Meg Yonson and Photography Luisa Brimble

Meg Yonson Coconut Panna Cotta with Stewed Peaches


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