Mindful Mocktails

Hi I'm Nat, My goal is to provide you with alcohol-free drinks, without all the excess sugar. My recipes include fresh fruit, aromatic spices, herbs from my garden, and as little artificial sugar as possible. I’m not a mixologist. I’m just someone who stopped drinking and started to create my own mocktail recipes rather than turn to all the sugar-packed alternatives out there. I think I have found a great balance between easy mocktails, and slightly more involved recipes that take a bit extra work but still taste great.

Traditional Christmas Cake with Marzipan and Fondant

Topics: No Added Sugar, Monkfruit Sweetener Baking Blend, Lakanto Maple Syrup, Cake

We all love nostalgic Christmas faves 🎄 Did you know the traditional Christmas cake recipe has over 30g of sugar per 80g slice? 😱 Good news! You...
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